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Dr. Anthony Schembri, Executive Director

I am confident that you will meet each of these challenges-Jimmy Carter 

Throughout his public service career he demonstrated a talent for effective leadership & a gift for motivating others- Jeb Bush

Anthony Schembri is a pioneer-Rudy Giuliani 

Anthony Schembri is especially skilled at organizational development-Mario Cuomo  

Anthony Schembri has a reputation for integrity and management accountability-Robert Kennedy Jr.  

Attached is package for “Neighborhood Team Policing” Please review it for us before publication, -David Powell, US Department of Justice   

You are the first Police Commissioner in the State to adopt guidelines for the treatment of crime victims-Ronald Zweibel, Chairman, Crime Victims Board NY State  

Your course on Corruption is “Intriguing (overdue)-U.S. Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackman.   

Your  Policy (Human Rights) exemplifies the highest standards of professional police conduct, we would include this on material for law enforcement agencies seeking accreditation.-Richard Girgenti-Commissioner, Office of the Governor-Mario Cuomo  

              Executive Profile-Core Strengths ·        
Organizational Development            Turnaround Experience       ·       Strategic vision                                  Team Leadership ·       Accountability Development            Evidence-Based Management ·       Strong Leadership Motivation         Results Charged Career                   ·       Billion Dollar Budget Experience

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